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Tour Descriptions for the Osa Adventure Trip, Corcovado Natinal Park, Guided Park Tours, Kayaking, Scuba, Snorkel, Beach Horseback, Canopy Zip Line, Birding, Surf Lessons, Whale & Dolphin Watching

San Josecito

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San Josecito is a beautiful crescent bay with a long stretch of beach.  The north end has a spot with picnic tables and plenty of shade below the palm trees.  It is a wonderful hike about two and half hours from the Pura Vista Lodge and roughly an hour and fifteen from the Tree top Lodge.   The walk is teeming with wild life and passes cove after cove of beach and rocky outcroppings.   Along the way you will get to Rio Claro a river mouth surrounded by lush forest.   This is a nice day trip with a round trip walk or you can make it a half day with a boat pick up from the beach. 

Cano Island Snorkel & Scuba

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The Cano Island Biological Reserve is an 800 acre island located roughly 7 miles off the coast of the northern Osa Peninsula and is surrounded by fifteen species of coral reef that support and varied and colorful array of marine life.   Cano Island has been rated by Skin Diver magazine as among the best in the world and is one of the world's newest hot spots for adventure diving and snorkeling from 15 - 16' reefs to 80' "walls". The rock formations are volcanic origins; sea fans, cup coral, head corals are the most common. The name of the game here is "SHARKS"! Lots of them (white-tips) ranging in size from 6-10' as well as sea turtles, dolphins, stingrays, morays, and huge snapper and grouper.

The Mirador/Archeological Area Trail is the sole hiking path on the island, and takes one hour round trip to complete. The trail splits after a half mile, one leg leads to a stunning vista and another to an ancient graveyard.

Be scuba diving or snorkeling this is a great way to spend the day offshore and combine water sports with beach relaxing, picnicking and hiking.

Sirena Corcovado

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National Geographic calls Corcovado National Park the "most biologically intense place on Earth" and this is no exaggeration.  The Sirena park entrance is the one to visit and is situated in the heart of the park and itslocation is more remote, roughly and hour from your hotel by boat and is very much worth the effort to get up early to see the wildlife that is most active about sunrise.   This area was primarily orchards when expropriated in 1977 and the multitude of fruit trees combines with the Sirena river is a major draw for animal life. 

A tour to Sirena includes an experienced naturalist guide to take you on the trails as well as a picnic lunch at the ranger station.

Horseback Riding

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Horseback riding is a great way to cover some ground and see the interior villages and get a flavor of how and where the people of the Osa live.  It is also the opportunity to ride along the beach and splash in the Pacific ocean fulfilling that romantic vision.   The horses in Costa Rica are small criollo species and are very mellow and tame making it possible for all ages and all abilities to enjoy.  I like to combine the horseback ride with an additional tour or make it a full day adventure and really get the feel of local culture

Canopy Tour

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Canopy tours are fun and a great way see the beautiful trees and fauna of the rain forest from above.  This is a very special tour because it takes place in both primary and secondary forest.  I recommend all travelers experience this tour, regardless of age.   This is a half day tour and I like to combine it with a horseback tour.

On the Corcovado Canopy Tour there are 13 platforms on 50 acres of rain forest (up to 30 meters(90') in height) and 11 steel-cables (ranging from 190 to 400 meters in length) to traverse from treetop to treetop through the rain forest.  The Corcovado Canopy Tour is certified by the Costa Rican Tourism Institute (ICT) and is assured by the National Institute of Insurances (INS).


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Costa Rica is one of the worlds greatest fishing destinations because of its calm waters and large numbers of big Pacific Sailfish, Blue Marlin, Black Marlin, Striped Marlin, Yellowfin Tuna and the abundance of inshore species like the prized Roosterfish and Dog Tooth Cubera Snapper to go along with Jacks, Trevally's, Mackeral and many more species.  Truly amazing fishing days are the norm here.   Fishing off the northern Osa is truly special due to the unique structure found just offshore.  

The country is home to some of the top captains in the world such as John LaGrone, Richard Chellemi and Bobby McGuiness. All can be found on the captains trophy for the Billy Pate International Fly Tournament. Jeremy Librett is proud to join these guys on the honored trophy after winning the 2001 tournament.  Jeremy has the respect of these fisherman and goes out and competes with them on a daily basis.

We offer a variety of fishing options from offshore big game days aboard our twin diesel Carolina Classic to in-shore options on either the 19' or 26' Boston Whaler to the adventure style of fishing Hobie sea kayaks.  

No matter what you decide the opportunity to fish with Captain Jeremy or one of his crew members is highly recommended.

Whale & Dolphin Watching

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This area offshore of the Osa is a migration area for Humpback whales from both the Northern and Southern Hemispheres, the Cetaceans are in this area to give birth to calves and to feed them for a few until them get strong until ready to continue their migration patterns.  Other whales seen on the tour can be Pilot Whales, Killer Whales and False Killer Whales, Brydes Whales and Sperm Whales.  You can also see dolphins such as Spinner, Bottle nose, Tuxedos and Spotted, sometimes hundreds and hundreds of them, feeding and playing.  

Getting out to explore the pelagic region of the Pacific ocean highly recommended.   You head out with the intent of coming across whales and porpoise but there is a multitude of life to be discovered out there from birds to turtles to fish.   Like the wildlife on the land in Costa Rica the same exists on its oceans.   Costa Rica is also known for it's calm seas making this day an opportunity to be truly memorable.

Surfing & Surf Lessons

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We are very lucky to have a "secret spot" very close to your lodging options where the swell is epic and nobody is ever there being accessible only by foot and boat.   The spot is really for experts or seasoned surfers.   We do have two really nice mellow spots nearby that are great for learning on and Carlos can teach you how to surf!   The waves at Playa Danta and Playa Caletas are really fun for boogey boarding and body surfing.

4 x Jungle River Float

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4 x Jungle River Float

This is a great adventure trip and I do it with every friend who comes to visit.   It start with a jungle hike to a beautiful waterfall.   Than down a creek where youj ump into a river wearing a life preserver and meander down stream through the primary forest looking up at the canopy floating on your back.   The river flows out to the pacific ocean where it's a short walk or boat ride back to your lodge.  This is a unique tour that nobody else does and is truly unforgettable.

Night Bug Tour

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This is a great tour!  Throughout The Night Tour, you will  explore the lives and lore of the planet's most feared, and misunderstood, creatures: the spiders and their creepy, crawly kin and cover subjects as diverse as courtship and "child" care to the amazing properties of spider silk. You will also also address an array of intriguing and odd questions:  Why were spiders fed mind-altering substances in the 1970's?  Why do some spiders deliberately adorn their webs with the bodies of their victims?    Guests should be prepared to see more eight-legged creepy-crawlies than ever before!

The Bug Lady will transport you to a realm where reality rivals science fiction and gests will learn, hand's on, how to harvest silk from one of Central America's largest spiders, how toxic toads were employed in mind control studies,  and why the US military enlisted cockroaches in the Vietnam War. With a style that is as witty as it is engaging, Tracie and Gian deliver a skillful blend of natural history and human lore.   Guests can expect them to cover a wealth of fascinating topics.

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