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Brand Information & Testimonials for Big Game Saltwater Fly Fishing Ross Reels, Scott Rods, Eagle Claw Hooks, Cortland Line

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These are brands that I highly recommend and have enable me to be a successful:

As a professional charter boat captain & guide I have immense responsibility to the successful fishing of my customers.  A trip to Costa Rica is often a life long dream for these anglers and represents a lot of money to many.   Catching fish is also very important to my livelihood and puts food on the table.    In Costa Rica we also have many prize fish opportunities.

In my years on the water I have learned that in order to catch the fish of life time everything has to come together perfectly including boat, experience and tackle.  I make no compromises across the board.

The following brands are ones that I put my business, my reputation and my livelihood on the line with.   I will take these products on the ocean with me in any situation in any part of the world and for any application.   Being they are good enough for me they are going to be good enough for you.


Eagle Claw, Wright & McGill -  Eagle Claw is probably the most underrated brand in the industry.   Their attention to quality and commitment to creating top fishing products is second to none.   These products also represent the greatest value in the industry I have seen.   The spinning rods are what I use most and everything about them is what I expect.  What I didn't expect was shutting the door to my pickup on a couple and they didn't break, now that is rod!

Scott Rods - Wow!  I have put these to the test.   One of my favorite lines on the boat when customers use my Scott is, "go ahead and try to break it, I'll buy you one if you can".    These rods are engineered with lifting power and work like no other I have used.   I am talking lifting 300lb marlin, 60lb yellow-fin tuna, etc.  BIG GAME that needs to be horsed.  Bites can turn off quickly in Costa Rica and often getting that fish in is very important when their are a couple anglers on board.   It is hot out there too and having anglers burn up because of a pretty rod with no guts is frustrating.  Rule the rest out and buy a Scott.


Eagle Claw, Wright & McGill -  I have been using the Eagle Claw and Wright McGill spinning rods for years and have had great success with them.  Success means lots and lots of fish, including big ones and no failure.   Nothing brakes on them and parts have not come loose.   The standard for spinning reels has always been Penn and these reels dont take a back seat.   Anytime you can get a good product that is lighter weight it makes a difference.  This year I am looking forward to trying out some bait reels.   The idea is to catch some big tuna, amber jacks and cubera snapper.

Ross Reels - Another WOW product.   Incredible.   I have seen so many other brands come aboard with customers and just fail.  Some very expensive reels too.   The Ross reels I have are in the never fail category.  They are so well made, the drags just super smooth and easy to take care of also.  No fancy BS and bells and whistle crap to blow up.    Depressing is having that fish of a lifetime, tournament winner, etc on the line and having a reel fail.  It's brutal.  As a captain you suffer because at the end of the day the customer just remembers it was a fish that was not released and ultimately we take the blame.   That's why I am writing this section, so that doesn't happen.  Eliminate all other brands,  buy a Ross reel and never worry.

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Cortland - Sticking with the theme of I wouldn't want to be in business without these companies I include Cortland.    The engineering that has gone into the product like micro-nite has made getting lucky actually a thing of the past.   It's more about having the right gear now.  I am very fortunate to have come across their product line because it's made me a better captain and enabled me to keep putting food on the table.  It also gives me great confidence to push the envelope.  If a customer wants to target some slob of a fish like a marlin or tuna I know we can get it done.    All the products represented in this section also have great value.  I run a business and when a company can help keep me costs in line I appreciate that greatly.  It means I can upgrade in other areas.    I am fortunate to get to know the people at these companies often.  My conversations with Cortland have been fantastic and they are so dedicated to our sport.   Always raising the bar really. My recommendation  is go to their website and look what they do, it's impressive.    Once again I have seen it all and tried it all but fact is the cream rises to the top.   My recommendation... get hooked on Cortland. 

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